tenderly apply to her some remedies for life.

My name is liz ... & I love hello kitty and cooking.
I also love quotes & cartoons.
I read every night. I'm currently reading Harry Potter for the first time!
Cupcake & Chewy are my kitties ... I post a lot of photos of them.
My husband is in the army.
My dad was also in the Army. He's now retired.
We live in Oklahoma ... & IT SUCKS.
Please don't write me and tell me that youre from here & that I'm offending you because "its the best place to grow up!" ... really? I've never seen so many crack heads & pregnant teens in my life.
I'm from Atlanta. <3 but, i grew up in Wiesbaden, Germany. <BR>Best. Childhood. Ever.
I'm open to new followers & all military SO's needing tumblr love. :)
I don't judge you, please don't come up in here with that bullshiiiit.
I'm Me, so who you?

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